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PatternFly relies on the contributions of designers and developers like you to grow and improve the content of our design pattern library. When you make a design contribution, you help improve product usability and consistency with reusable solutions for common use cases.

How can you help?

Check out the list of new design patterns we need help with right now. If you have related designs to contribute or an interest in getting involved, reach out to Matt Carrano at or find him on the PatternFly Slack channel.

New pattern requests

File Upload pattern

Add a pattern that will enable a user to upload files in two ways:

  • Browse for and select a file to upload
  • Drag and drop files into the web app

See patternfly-design issue #506 for more details.

Tab Usage pattern

Provide guidelines and examples that outline how to use different tab styles in a page.

See patternfly-design issue #526 for more details.

Session Timeout pattern

Specify how to inform a user that a session has timed out.

See patternfly-design issue #498 for more details.

Loading states for content views

Define the appropriate feedback to provide a user while loading data into any content view, including List, Card, and Table views.

See patternfly-design issue #467 and related issues #468 and #469 for more details.

Date and time selection

Enhance the documentation for Datepicker and Timepicker with guidelines on using these components together or independently and working with different date and time formats.

See patternfly-design issue #459 for more details.

Bug fixes

Help keep PatternFly design documentation up to date and relevant by addressing small bug fixes. View a complete list of issues that are up for grabs.

Did you know?

We have PatternFly design templates available for Balsamiq Mockups 3 and for Sketch. You can download these template files from our GitHub design repo.

These templates help you quickly create PatternFly compatible wireframes and design mockups, so please download and use them.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and ideas about how to make PatternFly Design better!

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